BIOINPUTS TODAY: Impact and trends in the Agro industry

Since January 2021, SOFOFA Hub’s Center for Translational Biotechnology has developed an agenda of seminars aimed at companies, trade associations and other relevant stakeholders from various sectors of the industry, in order to promote experiences, trends, use cases and analyses related to biotechnology, with two strategic axes: one technological and other sector-specific, mainly focusing on areas such as biomedicine, agro-industry, forestry, aquaculture and mining.

With this premise, one of the sector-specific seminars held this year focused on the agro-industry, to analyze the new bioinput-related work and trends in Chile, that is, microorganisms that are used both for the control of pathogens and to stimulate plant growth. On this occasion, the guest was Eduardo Tapia, INIA researcher whose presentation addressed “Biopesticides in Chile: Where are we and where are we going?” The Chilean Network of Bioinputs participated through its director, Maribel Parada, who lectured on the integration of biofertilizers and biostimulants in current and future agriculture; and to conclude, Agricola Sutil’s General Manager brought the conversation home, sharing the company’s experience.