The Scale 360º program identified more than 150 opportunities for industrial symbiosis in Chile

The last meeting of this initiative’s Advisory Committee for Chile during 2021 was held in December, whose next step is to validate the feasibility of 85 prioritized opportunities, in a collaborative endeavor with universities, research centers, entrepreneurs, authorities and other companies that can contribute to the scaling of these opportunities.

The SCALE 360º Program’s Advisory Committee in Chile, an initiative of the World Economic Forum led by SOFOFA Hub, met on December 15 to analyze the work conducted during 2021 and define its next steps.

The program, which seeks to accelerate the transition towards circular economy through industrial symbiosis, was able to summon during the second half of 2021 more than 45 participants from 15 companies, representing Chile’s 7 main industrial sectors: mining, forestry, energy, construction, aquaculture, agro-industry and foods. After a collaborative process that consisted of workshops and in-depth meetings, the companies prioritized 85 opportunities from of a pool of more than 150 that were submitted from the business sector, universities and research centers.

During the second phase, beginning in January 2022, SOFOFA Hub will hold meetings with other key stakeholders for the validation and scaling of these initiatives, including entrepreneurs and SMEs, scientists, authorities, local communities and companies from other sectors.

“The Scale 360º Program presents us with a unique opportunity to generate new value connections between the business sector and the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, around this common purpose that is circular economy,” said Alan Garcia, SOFOFA Hub’s executive director, who highlights the leadership role that Chile is assuming in this matter.

The Advisory Council appreciated the role that the business sector has taken in pushing this transition toward circular economy in Chile and stressed the importance of linking the prioritized opportunities with other sectors of society, generating a space that will also contribute to the country’s economic recovery.

SOFOFA Hub’s Scale 360º Program’s Advisory Committee is comprised of Carolina Schmidt, Minister of the Environment; Richard Von Appen, SOFOFA Chairman; John Graell Moore, CEO Molymet; Francisco Ruiz-Tagle, CEO CMPC; Martín Rodriguez, CCU; Sebastian Rios, PuCobre; Petar Ostojic, CEO CIEC; Paolo Pallotti, General Manager ENEL Chile; Gonzalo Muñoz, Chilean COP Champion, CEO Triciclos; Pablo Terrazas, Executive Vice President CORFO; Marisol Arqueta de Barillas, Head of Latin America WEF.