SOFOFA Hub’s CEO met with the artificial intelligence ecosystem in Czech Republic

In order to learn about the Czech Republic’s experience in the development of artificial intelligence and its potential application in Chilean industry, SOFOFA Hub’s executive director, Alan Garcia, visited this European country to meet with the representatives of the public and private sectors that are leading this industry.

Invited by the National Trade Promotion Agency, CzechTrade, and the Czech Republic’s Embassy in Chile, the Executive Director of SOFOFA Hub learned about the technological development policies that have been implemented in both the public and private sectors, with the support of academia, the government and the European Union.

The tour included meetings in Prague with representatives of the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Industry, CzechTrade, CzechInvest, the Czech Technical University, the Prg.ia Hub, the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic and the company AVAST. In the city of Brno, he participated in meetings with the University of Masaryk, the Brno University of Technology and with start ups that are leading the development of artificial intelligence applications in that country: Ximilar, Artin, RoboAuto, Congiware, Inventa, Camera and Phonexia, among others.

“It has been very interesting to learn of the technological advancement policies that have been developed in that country and the work that the government is doing with the artificial intelligence ecosystem, comprising academia, companies and start ups. I am sure that the inks we have generated will allow us to develop business opportunities with the industry in Chile,” commented Alan Garcia, executive director of Sofofa Hub.