Chile, through SOFOFA HUB and together with the World Economic Forum (WEF), is the second country in the world to join the SCALE 360º initiative, a global partnership that seeks to accelerate circular economy through innovation challenges that reduce industry-related environmental impacts.

A circular economy is a regenerative approach to production and consumption, in which products and materials are redesigned, recovered and reused to reduce environmental impacts. This transition could generate $4.5 trillion in additional economic output by 2030; however, currently only 9% of the extracted materials are being reused. “At its core, it’s a matter of innovation. We need to rethink and redesign the system in order to bring new ideas and attract entrepreneurs and new technologies,” said Antonia Gawel, IMF’s director of Circular Economy and Innovation.

Based on the work and methodology developed by the SCALE 360º Program, the members of the Advisory Board —which encompasses SOFOFA Hub’s strategic partners— are working collaboratively to identify opportunities for industrial symbiosis that will allow for the short-term development of projects for the integration of industrial production chains. The projects that arise from this work will be articulated by SOFOFA Hub, with the objective of developing new capacities, adopting new technologies that will allow greater efficiency, generating economic benefits throughout the productive chain and achieving positive impacts on the environment.

The circular economy advisory council is led by SOFOFA Hub and is comprised of:

Carolina Schmidt, Minister of the Environment; Richard Von Appen, SOFOFA Chairman; John Graell Moore, CEO Molymet; Francisco Ruiz-Tagle, CEO CMPC; Jesus Garcia, CCU; Sebastian Rios, PuCobre; Petar Ostojic, CEO CIEC; Paolo Pallotti, General Manager ENEL Chile; Gonzalo Muñoz, Chilean COP Champion, CEO Triciclos; Pablo Terrazas, Executive Vice President CORFO; Antonia Gawel, Director of Circular Economics and Innovation (IMF).

  • “Circular economy must be promoted as a State policy that transcends the incumbent governments and that allows to establish a circularity and climate action culture. To this end, it is a priority that both the public and private sectors, as well as entrepreneurs, incorporate circularity and climate action measures at the core of their strategies”. CAROLINA SCHMIDT MINISTER OF THE ENVIRONMENT AND ADVISORY BOARD MEMBER

Alan Garcia, SOFOFA Hub’s executive director, explains that this program represents a great opportunity to connect with those who are leading this transition in the world, offering a showcase to display what we are doing in Chile.