The new SOFOFA chairman kicks off SCALE 360°’s third Advisory Board

Richard von Appen, Chairman of SOFOFA, launched the third Advisory Board of the Scale 360º program —led in Chile by SOFOFA Hub and the World Economic Forum— through a call that urged all companies to integrate circular economy and sustainability as a priority.

One of the first objectives of the Advisory Council, that leads this international program jointly with SOFOFA Hub, was to identify and prioritize the opportunities present in the industry’s main production chains in Chile, subsequently addressing them through specific projects that will seek, inter alia, the piloting of technological solutions, the advancement of public policies and the integration of the productive processes of various industries.

“This work we are doing in Chile in partnership with the World Economic Forum represents a great opportunity to connect with those who are leading this transition in the world, and is also an opportunity to showcase what we are doing in Chile,” says Alan Garcia, executive director of SOFOFA Hub.

In this context, the SCALE 360º program represents a huge opportunity for the business sector to lead and generate a positive impact on circular economy. Especially when the figures show that 70% of the waste and by-products generated in Chile come from the industrial sector.